Pre-Registered Students


Pre-Registered Students



Does anyone know of a quick way to run a report on pre-registered students?


I am looking for a report on all of the New students that have been enrolled for the 2023-2024 school year. 


Thank you. 

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PowerSchool Champion

Enrollment status for pre-enrolled students is -1.


Let's say that "next year" starts July 1, 2023.




That search should give you all of your pre-enrolled kiddos.


If you create a stored search at "District" with that information and put it on the start page, it will save you getting asked that question a gajillion times between now and the start of school.


Hope this helps,


Hope this helps!

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You can search for pre-registered students from the Start Page:




I am not sure if the enroll status is different outside of New York state.

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