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PowerSchool Field Question

Hey, a little change of pace what with all the virus talk we're all entrenched with.

I'm building an automation tool for my district to create student accounts, I had a question about the `SCHED_YEAROFGRADUATION` field in PowerSchool. This appears to be an auto-scheduler field, and I'm wondering how exactly it gets populated (even if the answer is "manually"). We use Year of Grad in our student usernames so I'm pulling this field to build usernames, but I found a large chunk of students who had a 0 in this field for some reason and I'm unsure why that might be.

If the field isn't reliable, I'll just do what I normally do, and calculate the YOG, but the less I have to do that kind of data construction, the better.

Stay safe out there.

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That field is found on the Scheduling Setup Screen for a student.  It would have to be manually populated.


You can also populate it more quickly via Quick Import or Student Field Value. I usually verify it at the start of the scheduling process and then again before EOY.


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