Log Entries and Incident Managment


Log Entries and Incident Managment

Our district has users enter discipline via log entries.  Another individual will then use the log entries to enter data into Incident Management for PIMS reporting purposes.  Is there a way to 'link' the two modules so that the work does not need to be entered twice.  It seems there should be but I cannot find any documentation on this.  If not, I am sure the short answer is to have all incidents be reported into Incident Management but barring that (may not be a way to do that at this point), is anyone aware of a link between the two so they can 'talk' to each other and avoid redundant work.

Thanks in advance.

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@eatons  Unfortunately, those two aspects of PS do not talk. The many reason is back log entries are one-to-one correlation between one student one log. Whereas, Incident Management is a one-to-many correlation. One incident can have numerous students attached to it, but a log entry can only have one student. 

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In log entries there is an option to include in PIMS incident report.  If I click that, I get all the fields I would need to report the incident.  Do I still need to create a separate incident mgt entry?  Or will that information be uploaded to PIMS?



Based on the response I recevied, yes you do.  The Log Entries and Incident Management systems DO NOT talk to each other and the PIMS templates pull from Incident management.  Unless there has been a change I am not aware of, that is still the case.



Is there anyway to connect with you regarding PS Incidents. Our district is struggling.


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Community Support Expert

Hi @bhale 


Would you please elaborate on the issues your district is facing with Log entries and Incident management? 


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