LTI 1.3 Grade not sync at schoology(invalid format: timestamp)


LTI 1.3 Grade not sync at schoology(invalid format: timestamp)



I am trying to send a grade from our tool(LTI 1.3) to Schoology but getting an exception I.e 

Unable to complete request: Field value has invalid format: timestamp

Here are the request parameters:-


[score_maximum:IMSGlobal\LTI\LTI_Lineitem:private] => 100
[label:IMSGlobal\LTI\LTI_Lineitem:private] => Graded Quiz Companion Reader 2 The Can Score [resource_id:IMSGlobal\LTI\LTI_Lineitem:private] => 6995544715
[tag:IMSGlobal\LTI\LTI_Lineitem:private] => score
[start_date_time:IMSGlobal\LTI\LTI_Lineitem:private] => 2023-10-23T08:17:30Z [end_date_time:IMSGlobal\LTI\LTI_Lineitem:private] => 2023-10-23T08:17:30Z
Also, I have used this time format i.e. 2023-10-23T08:17:30+00:00 but still getting the same issue. 
Please have a look and let me know if I missed something.
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Sorry, I missed to send a grade info:-

IMSGlobal\LTI\LTI_Grade {  -score_given: "67"
  -score_maximum: 100
  -comment: null
  -activity_progress: "Completed"
  -grading_progress: "FullyGraded"
  -timestamp: "2023-10-23T11:01:46Z"
  -user_id: "127234017::356ef6f48130aa4da5d98a218d1f5b03"
  -submission_review: null


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Community Support Expert

Hi @sunnybaya,


I recommend reviewing this guide that will help you get started with troubleshooting this issue further.


Meanwhile, we hope that other community members jump in and share their insights on this.



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Here is the Assessment and Grade Services (AGS) 2.0 documentation on the format of timestamps to be used when sending grades:


It states the following:


Timestamp values MUST be formatted using ISO 8601 with a sub-second precision.

Your timestamps do not seem to include the required millisecond property



After correcting the timestamp, I think the invalid format: timestamp exception is gone but getting a null response from Schoology, and the grade is still not updated at Schoology's end. 


Hey! Found my way to this thread via Google. If you haven't already figured it out, I was able to see the grade updated on the Schoology end, but Schoology returns a 201 instead of a 204 as suggested by the docs:

In the specs for the API itself, you can see 201 is valid if it's a completely new score being recorded:

So you probably have something else going on in terms of not seeing the grade in Schoology. =( What HTTP code response are you getting?