Grade Columns - no due date


Grade Columns - no due date

Good Afternoon, 


when adding grade columns in Schoology the option to add due date is blocked.


I checked some tutorials available on YouTube and seems like everyone has due date enabled when adding them. Hence we are currently in some sort of hybrid learning environment and most of our students are using computers in almost all of their classes, Schoology is our main learning platform. Thus, we find grade columns a great tool for paper submissions and/or performance tasks. Students do not need to submit anything but they allow teachers to grade students directly and then synchronize with Power School. This also saves some time to teachers who have heavier workload. 


Is there any way we can get guidance through the process of activating the due date when adding grade columns? Do we need to install some sort of package to enable this option?



Todorovic, M.

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @marko_todorovic,


The due date can be activated through a feature flag that is controlled by the Schoology support team. I recommend reaching out to the Schoology Support contact in your school district who should be able to reach out to the Schoology support team on your behalf through a support case and get further assistance on this. 


Post that I recommend reviewing this article that will help you get started.


Note: You can contact your Schoology Support Contacts by clicking on the "Support" button on your Schoology screen and then clicking on the envelope icon in front of their names.



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