Sent 7/30/2018 - Mississippi INOW Service Build Deployed

PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Sent 7/30/2018 - Mississippi INOW Service Build Deployed

A cumulative update has been deployed to address the following:  

  • Corrects issue where some users were unable to access the Digital Gradebook link.
  • Corrects issue where some users received an error when attempting to set up custom fields.
  • Corrects issue with users received an error on searching if they also had a school linked to Learning Earnings.
  • Corrects issue where some users could not use the Manage Schedule option to view student schedules.

For PowerSchool-hosted schools and districts, the update was deployed during the weekend of July 27-29, 2018 and no action is required. For schools or districts that host their own data, installation instructions are provided below.



To complete this deployment, all users are required to clear their browser caches and close any open browser sessions (including instances of InformationNOW as well as any other open sessions) after installation. These steps are necessary to ensure that all issues corrected by this service build have been fully addressed. 


Installation Instructions for Self-Hosted Users:

PowerSchool strongly recommends that users ensure a successful backup has been made before installation.


Additionally, users are advised to ensure that the INOW Summer 2018 Maintenance Release v8.0.15.24694 has been installed before installation. 


  • Click here to download the cumulative update install file. Note: PowerSource login is required. If you do not have a login and need to access this file, or if you encounter any issues accessing the file, please contact your Customer Care Representative. 
  • Download and save the file. Unzip/extract the .exe file contained within the .zip file.

Note: ALL users should be logged out of InformationNOW before running this file. It is recommended that IIS be stopped prior to running the build.


  • Install the Core-180719_24727.exe file on your InformationNOW application server(s). If more than one application server is used in a district, the .exe file should be run individually on each server.
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