Sent 7/25/2018 - Alabama INOW Service Build Deployed

PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Sent 7/25/2018 - Alabama INOW Service Build Deployed

A service build has been deployed for Alabama users to address the following Code File setup items:


  • Adds new Relationship Codes:
    • 025 - Spouse
    • 026 - Daughter
    • 027 - Son
    • 028 - Non-Family
    • 029 - Emergency
  • Updates student custom field Non-Traditional School Type by changing name of field Private Schooled to Private School Services and by adding the following fields:
    • Local Prek
    • OSR/1st class
    • Headstart
    • PreK Special Ed Services
    • Specialized Treatment Services

For PowerSchool-hosted (Azure) schools and districts, the service build was deployed during the afternoon of Tuesday, July 24, 2018 and no action is required. For schools or districts that host their own data, installation instructions are provided below. 


PowerSchool strongly recommends that users ensure a successful backup has been made before running the installation.


Please ensure that the INOW Summer 2018 Maintenance Release v8.0.15.24694 has been installed before running the installation.


  • Click here to download the install file. Note: PowerSource login is required. If you do not have a login and need to access this file, or if you encounter any issues accessing the file, please contact your Customer Care Representative. 
  • Download and save the file. Unzip/extract the .exe file contained within the .zip file.

Note: It is NOT necessary for all users to be logged out of InformationNOW before this file is installed.


  • Install the AL-sr180720_24710.exe file on your InformationNOW application server(s). If more than one application server is used in a district, the .exe file should be run individually on each server.
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