Sent 7/27/2018 - Alabama State Enrollment Video Tutorials Now Available

PowerSchool Team
PowerSchool Team

Sent 7/27/2018 - Alabama State Enrollment Video Tutorials Now Available

PowerSchool is pleased to provide Alabama public school users with a series of video tutorials covering the fundamental aspects of State Enrollment to help our users with this critical process.


Click here to download the videos on PowerSource (recommended) or click on the video name below to view it in streaming format. 


Four videos are available:


Video 1: What is State Enrollment?

This 3-minute video is a great introduction for virtually any audience that defines state enrollment in Alabama and explains how the process works in general terms. It also discusses the importance played by state enrollment at the school, district and state level.


Video 2: Introduction / Enrolling a Student

This 8-minute video discusses specific how-to's of thoroughly searching both the district and state databases, along with a good explanation of why such careful searching is critical. This video serves as a great training tool for any user who will be reviewing, entering or consuming enrollment data in a school or district.


Video 3: Eliminating Duplicate Student Records

This 4-minute video is perfect for system administrators who wish to better understand how to utilize system features that prevent users from inadvertently enrolling duplicate students. Each duplicate checking feature in the Enrollment Settings is discussed.


Video 4: Understanding Provisional Enrollments

This 7-minute video defines the concept of provisional enrollments and demonstrates specific examples of when they occur and how to resolve them. This video is a great training tool for any user managing day-to-day enrollment records for a school.


We encourage you to utilize these resources and to share them with any appropriate personnel.

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