How Do I Add My Education History?


Any education needs to be listed in the Education section of the My Information box. Here is a brief description of the fields, those marked with a red asterisk (*) are required:


  • Degree – the degree earned or in progress
  • Country – the country where the institution is located
  • State/Province – the US state or Canadian province where the institution is located
  • Institution Name – the name of the institution attended. If it is not listed type the name below the drop-down box where it says “If not listed, Other.”
  • City – the city where the institution is located
  • Major – the name of your major
  • Minor – the name of your minor (if applicable)
  • Dates Attended – the start date and end date of when you attended courses at the institution. If you are enrolled currently, leave the end date blank.
  • Graduated? – specify if you have satisfied the degree requirements and, if so, the month and year.
  • GPA – the cumulative grade point average up to 3 decimal places
  • Credit Hours – the total credit hours earned at the institution to date
  • Counselor Access – specify if you like to grant access to the Career Services Office (CSO) at the institution. Doing so allows authorized counselors at the institution to access your portfolio in order to provide career guidance and support.


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