Applicants: Know Your Products


Applicants Knowledgebase has been sub-divided in the following four sections:

  1. Applicant Tracking
  2. Applicant Tracking Enterprise
  3. SchoolSpring
  4. Candidate Assessment/EPI/Intelliglance

This article will help you to Know Your Product and search for the content in the correct Knowledgebase.


Look at the URL or website link (marked in Red in the image below) and with that you will be able to identify your product. 




If the link contains:

  • tedk12” or “hire” it’s Applicant Tracking

  • searchsoft” or “” it’s Applicant Tracking Enterprise

  • teachermatch” it’s Candidate Assessment/EPI/Intelliglance

  •” it’s SchoolSpring


Please comment directly on this article to request clarification on the content or provide a workaround or troubleshooting steps not listed in the article. If you have a question or are experiencing any issues around this topic, please post in the appropriate product-specific forum for assistance.

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