“You are not authorized to apply for this position”

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“You are not authorized to apply for this position”

Hello! I keep getting the following error message, “You are not authorized to apply for this position.” I have read the job qualifications several times and I meet the qualifications for this position. I have already corrected the application type as suggested and there doesn't appear to be an option for location preferences. Please help me troubleshoot? Thank you in advance!


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A common reason that would cause the error is if your Applicant Type set up on your account does not match with what is required on the Application.


Some districts allow changing Applicant Type under your account settings.  If your district allows changing Applicant Type, go to My Application, under the General/Profile Information tab, beside the applicant type and you will see an option to change type.  You will want to check the appropriate applicant type and click on the save or save and continue option to proceed.


If you don't have a Change type option, please contact the district to change it for you.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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