Won't let me log on


Won't let me log on

When I go to log on to apply for a position, it won't let me log on and this keeps popping up or it takes me back to the log in page and the whole process starts over again still not letting me log on. I've reset my password and nothing changes.

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Good morning @mac91992 !


The link below specifies that there seems to be a known issue posted in the knowledge base discussing this situation.  Since you've already reset your password, it provides a link to open a support case for further assistance:




The comments below the content of the post also have some useful information pertaining to specific districts blocking emails.  If you're not sure if the password reset went through then looking at those may be beneficial.


The next link, although it may not pertain to you specifically, contains the same error and has a phone number for the support line:




May be worth a read as well.


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