Unable to login


Unable to login

Every time I reapply for a job, or enter into a TalentEd site after previously being in it, I always get this message "

An error has occurred that prevents this portion of your profile from being saved at this time or you have logged out of the system. Please login again, and try your task again.We apologize for the inconvenience.


Why do I get this message over and over again? I've tried resetting my password- sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't. I looked through the community boards and I am not resetting my cookies/browser info just because of this crappy web site.  Why is this always happening and how can I avoid having to reset passwords, go onto the community board to find out what my problem is?

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The most common reason for this error message is an incorrect username or password.  However, in some instances having multiple accounts with the same email address can cause this error as well.  Please make sure that you are using the correct username when logging in.


To make sure that you do not have multiple accounts you can reach out to our support team to get further assistance on this by clicking UnifiedTalent (TalentEd) Contact Support.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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