Transferring my account


Transferring my account


I posted on someone elses thread yesterday but I haven't recieved any replies yet.  I just moved here from Kansas and I recently applied for a position at a school district in Arizona.  It did transfer all of my information over, however, I am trying to apply for a different school district now and it isn't pulling up all of the updated information.  I typed it all in but I have 2 more districts I want to apply for and I don't want to type it all in each time.  I read a thread yesterday that said I need to change my email address is this correct?  Please advise on how I can get it to transfer easily each time. 

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Unified Talent Hire offers the option to transfer accounts between districts that use the Unified Talent Hire product.  The "I want to transfer my account." option available on the Hire applicant page attempts to transfer information from the applicant's existing account in one district to another, however, it doesn't guarantee a successful transfer due to reasons such as,

  • The difference in the districts' database setup.
  • The other district may have closed the job posting associated with your account.

It is recommended to create a new account using a new email address if the account transfer option doesn't yield desired results.

If you wish for our Unified Talent Applicant Support team to look at your account to find a reason why the information might not be transferred to another district's database, you can create a case with the support team using this direct link.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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