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I am currently finishing up my degree and have been trying to apply for jobs around my state (Oklahoma). Every school district that I have tried to apply to so far uses this service. I have created an account and get the weekly "Job Openings" emails for each of the disctricts, but every time I try to apply I get an error message. The message reads, "An error has occurred that prevents this portion of your profile from being saved at this time or you have logged out of the system. Please login again, and try your task again.We apologize for the inconvenience." This problem has been happening for weeks and I have been unable to find a phone number to contact this service. I have not started any application as of yet, so there is nothing to be saved. Does anyone know why this is happening or how to resolve it?

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There are a few common reasons that may be causing difficulties in accessing your applicant account. This includes the use of a different e-mail address, having multiple accounts, cache, and cookie data that needs to be cleared.

I discussed a similar issue on another thread previously and below is the link to the discussion.

Trouble logging in to complete an application

If you continue to face difficulty accessing your account after trying all the suggestions, please feel free to follow-up in this thread.

Bishal G.
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