Cannot Delete Old Documents

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Cannot Delete Old Documents


I cannot delete old Documents from the system.  I cannot upload new ones.  The system constantly times out and I cannot process any new uploads.  I can paste text into the 'write' resume/coverletter.  But there is no means by which I can upload new documents.


Is there no way to remove the old files?  Many new jobs have been held since I initially entered the documents, so now the information is dated and cannot be refreshed.  Is there someone I can get help from? Is there a delete button that will be added into future roll out of this online application portals?  


The only thing I can think to do is close this account and make a new one, but likely that will require a new user name and email, which means I would need to make new ones each time I need to update my documents for new job postings


Would be nice to have options or assistance to allow for updates, especially to make sure documents are fresh!



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Community Support Expert

Hi @Talk55


Currently, there is no option that will allow you to delete old files to upload new documents to your account.


You can share this idea as an Enhancement Request on  PowerSchool Ideas Portal so that the product team can take a look at this. This article should walk you through how to raise an Enhancement Request.


You could, however, upload a blank document to replace the previous file.



Jyotishka B.
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