Entering Marks of 'I' for Senior Courses

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Entering Marks of 'I' for Senior Courses


The Ministry is allowing marks of 'I' to be entered for senior credit courses.  Within Trillium, the validation rules restrict this mark to junior credit courses. Lifting this restriction would require new releases of every application that allows marks to be entered or imported. Given the time constraints for entering marks, we have come up with a workaround that boards can choose to use to display marks on 'I' on the report cards.  Your current version of Trillium can accommodate this workaround.


For each secondary school, use the Indicator Types validation table to create an indicator type of 'Num'.  If an indicator type of 'NUM' already exists, you can use it if you use SQL Server.  Oracle clients must use 'Num'.




Use the Achievement Indicators validation table to create a new code of 'INS', and link it to the Type of 'Num'. 



Your secondary schools should now be able to enter a mark of 'INS' for any secondary course, including importing secondary achievement marks. Note that Trillium Import will not accept a mark of 'I' for a senior course, so this must be converted to 'INS' before you attempt to import the file.


Since these courses are not to appear on a student's Transcript or be reported to Colleges and Universities the student should be dropped from the course (typically through Load Students).  Once the student's course has been dropped, use the Demit Codes to ensure that the course will appear on 'Achievement Only'.  This will ensure the course appears on the student's report card, but not their transcript.  The course will also be reported to OCAS/OUAC as a dropped course.  




The Ministry's document did outline a scenario where the student's midterm mark remained available within OCAS/OUAC, but as we discussed with the Ministry, this is not how the submissions work.  OUAC will consider the course to be dropped if no further information is received for the course.  OCAS requires the submission file to include the drop record for the course. OCAS/OUAC cannot accept a final mark that is an alpha value.


For graduating students who were relying on the course for postsecondary admission, but were unable to successfully complete it should work with their guidance counsellor or principal, in consultation with parents, to contact the institution’s admission office to explain the nature of the student’s extenuating circumstances. If necessary, modifications to the student's information can be made on the OCAS or OUAC site.


PowerSchool will provide a script to convert the marks of 'INS' to 'I' on the achievement records.  This script must be run prior to printing the report cards. The script will be available through PowerSource, under the Core Trillium 4.13.10 folder, which will be available shortly.