PowerSchool 22.x Upgrade Options


PowerSchool Technical Services Group (TSG) Services Available

TSG provides PowerSchool customers with the option to keep ownership of their hardware thereby retaining unlimited access to and control of the PowerSchool environment while still benefiting from PowerSchool's stewardship of the environment. Our popular Enterprise Management Service (EMS) offering provides 24/7/365 monitoring, similarly expansive hours of staffing, 365 days of offsite nightly backups, monthly reports, ongoing security analysis, daily data refreshes of test instances, ongoing database tuning, an unlimited number of PowerSchool, Oracle, SRC, SIF, and operating system upgrades, and so much more.

For a limited time only, PowerSchool is discounting the purchase of EMS by 25% until 06/01/2022, so you should act fast to take advantage of this offer. For more information regarding EMS, please send an email to TSG at tsghelpdesk@powerschool.com.

PowerSchool customers may instead choose to purchase a one-time service to upgrade PowerSchool to 22.x or 21.11.1 from TSG. We are offering a 25% discount with this service. To better serve our customers with the upgrade and avoid incurring any downtime during the school week, TSG will temporarily waive the fee normally required for the completion of the upgrade during a weeknight, or if weekend servicing is desired, offer a 50% discount on the associated uplift.

For more information concerning the price, scope, and availability of these services, or to receive a quote for the purchase of discounted hardware compliant with PowerSchool 22.x, please send an email to TSG at tsghelpdesk@powerschool.com.


For more information about the minimum requirements for upgrading to PowerSchool 21.11.1 or greater, please visit PowerSource, https://support.powerschool.com/dir/45. If you have questions about the end-of-life cycle for PowerSchool SIS versions prior to 21.11.1 or Oracle 12.2, please contact the PowerSchool support team at 1-866-434-6276 or Support@powerschool.com.

Make plans to upgrade to the latest PowerSchool release as soon as possible to keep up with features, enhancements and to ensure the easiest process for your state/provincial compliance submissions.

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