PowerSchool 20 Upgrade Service


PowerSchool 20 Upgrade Service - Offers services to provide an upgrade to PowerSchool 20 for existing self-hosted PowerSchool customers.


The Technical Solutions Group ("TSG") is pleased to offer the PowerSchool 20 Upgrade services for existing PowerSchool customers to upgrade your PowerSchool 12.x/19.x & Oracle 12.1 instance(s) to the latest release of PowerSchool 20 & Oracle 12 ..


For clients that currently do not have hardware that meets the requirements for PowerSchool 20, TSG is pleased to offer hardware options that will meet a customer's immediate and anticipated needs. For more information on these options, please contact TSG at  tsghelpdesk@powerschool.com.


Reviewing the information found within this page may help you determine if you would like to purchase the service from TSG, and will guide you through the process should you decide to do so.



Five Easy Steps to Request the PowerSchool 20 Upgrade.  


  1. Review the System Requirements (attached below) to ensure that the infrastructure components of your environment are supported.
  2. Review the  PowerSchool 20 Upgrade Service proposal.
  3. To proceed with the purchase of the upgrade, please contact TSG at  tsghelpdesk@powerschool.com so that a formal quote for services can be provided to you.
  4. Upon receipt, submit your purchase order and a signed copy of the proposal to TSG by faxing it to 916.288.1590 with the Description, "PowerSchool 20 Upgrade" for faster processing.
  5. Submit an upgrade request once directed by TSG to do so.  Note: You will need to be registered as a Technical Contact in order to submit the online request.  For more information concerning how to become a Technical Contact, please contact the  PowerSchool Technical Support department.

Once your request has been processed, you will be notified via email that a TSG Systems Engineer has been assigned to perform your PowerSchool 20 Upgrade during your desired service dates.


Please direct any questions to TSG at  TSGHelpDesk@powerschool.com.



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