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During this evolving situation regarding COVID-19 and the increasing move to distance learning, we at PowerSchool want to ensure that we are able to reach you for specific details of your case. We kindly ask that you provide a mobile phone number under the Description area of your case to allow our internal support teams to contact you for additional updates.

Please note: We have updated our case form to stay up to date with current browser updates and changes as required by our case form provider. This update and future updates are to ensure we continuously make improvements to our case form. All upcoming and future updates to our community will be shared accordingly.

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Case Information

This information will assist you with getting the most out of the case by filling in the areas that you need

Visit Our Status Site

For the most up-to-date information on the status of your PowerSchool products visit

Case Priority Definitions

Our Support department reserves the right to correct the case priority as needed, per the documented definitions.

Business Impact

Business Critical is a production issue impacting a large percentage of users.

Data Access Permission

Technical Support will determine if there is a need to access your system and/or bring your data into our PowerSchool test environment in order to further investigate the reported issue.

By selecting "I grant permission", you grant permission to Technical Support to access and/or transfer your data to our PowerSchool test environment and, if necessary, provide it to one of our software development partners.

Description and Details

Please be as thorough and specific as possible with the subject and description of the case. This will help the support team handle your case more efficiently.

Secure Data for Troubleshooting Only

If you would like to provide personally identifiable or sensitive personal information to assist with troubleshooting this issue, please share it in this space. This will ensure that it will not be visible in the case portal or any correspondence. This information will be removed from our case tracking system upon closure of the case.