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PowerSchool Email Configuration- DMARC

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Google and Yahoo announced requirements that bulk senders must have DMARC in place beginning February 2024.  


Who does this apply to? 

This change applies to all PowerSchool product customers who send emails from those products. 


How could this effect School Districts? 

If you send 5,000 messages a day or more into either of the world’s largest mailbox providers, starting February 2024, your email domain must have a DMARC policy in your DNS. These messages must pass DMARC Alignment or they will not be delivered. This includes messages sent on behalf of your organization by third-party email service providers (ESPs) 


The ability to spoof the From address for emails sent by PowerSchool Applications is being disabled.  



What is spoofing?  

Spoofing is the sending of email messages where the message is purported to be from an address containing a domain not owned by the sender. The domain name is the portion of an email address following the “@” – e.g., username@domainname 



Why are these changes occurring?  

Gmail and Yahoo are implementing changes in February requiring bulk senders to publish a DMARC policy for their domain. DMARC is a technology which helps to prevent bad actors from spoofing domains.  


For more details on the new requirements, please see the following:  


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