Verification email


Verification email

I haven’t received an email to verify my account. Ive clicked the send again button like 5 times already 

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I am having the same problem not sure what to do from here.


Hi! @Rosalexis@crytiger


I am sorry to hear that you did not receive a verification email.  I recommend reaching out to Enrollment Family Support team via the call or via the chat using this direct link and the support team should be able to assist you further.

Muskan Sehar

PowerSchool Community Moderator

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I tried that and was directed to contact the district. I called the district and was given another number to call. Called that number and it went straight to voicemail stating to send an email. Sent the email and still no reply. I am extremely frustrated at this point

After using the chat feature (which they simply disconnected my chat) and then calling and waiting for hours I finally got an answer.


They PowerSchool system has a major glitch that is preventing the emails from being sent.  Their tech support is trying to fix it but they don't have an estimated time/date for the fix.  Once they can fix it, you will receive the email.


Not sure why they keep trying to tell everyone that it is the school district's fault instead of just owning up to having a flawed system.


ok, that helps because i have been waiting on Verification since last week and nothing. Thanks now i know its a glitch somewhere and when its fixed ill automatically get an email or will i have to do a resend verification email again?




They have said you will automatically get the email once it is fixed.


That said, I contacted the school district help line and left my information for a call back.  They called back and gave me a workaround that was faster than waiting for the email.  They set up a temporary password  for me to login with and that prompted me to reset the password.  Once I reset the password, it let me in immediately.  No need to wait for PowerSchool to fix their system.


Hope it helps!


Hi @Rosalexis@afman67@LoveAngel71,

The email configuration varies by district.  We recommend reaching out to your school district if you are not receiving an account creation email.  The School or District Administrators can work with PowerSchool Support to review the district's settings.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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