Updating PowerSchool Emergency Contact Info

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Updating PowerSchool Emergency Contact Info

After having been tracked down by a friend who was on my emergency contact list, the school nurse told me that my main contact number was incorrect in the PowerSchool portal. The school has been calling my correct number the entire year, so today surprised me. She suggested I correct the PowerSchool form. I tried, but to no avail. I'd like to be able to make this change just in case the school needs to reach me again, but the system tells me that I'm no longer able to edit the form, it's in "view only" mode. Help?? Thank you.

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If you are attempting to edit information in a field, but the field remains greyed-out, this means that the field is a Read-Only field. These fields are intended to be completed with information from your school district’s database, and thus are not able to be changed.


I am providing the links to a couple of great Knowledgebase articles discussing the issue in detail.


Read-Only Fields 


Editing Pre-Populated Information 




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