Unable to view submitted pre-registration information form

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Unable to view submitted pre-registration information form

Hi there,


We registered our twins for the 2021-2022 school year, but we cannot view our submitted form. The system states that the form was submitted, but we don't have access to any link to view the submitted information for our records (submitted contact info, program preferences, etc).


After I completed and submitted the form, I deleted a previous application that I had started for the 2020-2021 year under the same names, and I worry that doing this may have deleted the actual record that we submitted for the following year.


Any help or guidance would be much appreciated,





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Lead Community Moderator

Only Administrators at the school can delete completed registration forms.  A common reason parents can no longer view a form is due to multiple Enrollment accounts.  The form is completed on one account but users are signing into a second account to view the status.  Please ensure you only have one account between both parents and you are logging into the account that was used to complete the form.


If you're still experiencing difficulties, I recommend connecting with our Enrollment Support team to review your students' registration forms.  You can connect via chat for immediate assistance here.