Unable to access account at this time

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Unable to access account at this time

I created a PowerSchool account when prompted by my child's school at the start of the year. I have been instructed to log back in to fill out forms for next year. However, when I do this I get the following message:


You are unable to access your account at this time. Please contact your school directly for assistance.


This has been the case for several days now. 

I contacted the school and was instructed to create a new account and start from scratch. I tried doing this but it will not allow me to do so because there is already an account associated with my email. 


Getting ready to just create a new email address but I'd rather keep things tidy.



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Hello @bwager,

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If you are unable to create a new registration account with the same email address associated with the old account, I recommend reaching out and submitting a ticket to the PowerSchool Enrollment Family Support team, who would be glad to assist you and look into the possibility to resolving the issue.




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