This PowerSchool Community process is a joke


This PowerSchool Community process is a joke

How difficult are they trying to make this?!?!? Are they expecting the Russians to hack this? 


All I am trying to do is get past the stupid dashboard in order to register a returning student. The dashboard tells me that I need to start a new application. But IT DOES NOT TELL ME HOW TO DO THAT! There is no link; nowhere to go from that page. HOW DO I GET TO THE APPLICATION PAGE?


Good Grief.

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Hi! @Wayne2222,


This is a help site for questions you may have or any issues you may encounter as you are completing your forms.  If you are having trouble getting started with your student's registration and aren't sure where to begin, I would suggest reaching out to your school district for assistance. They should be able to provide you with specific instructions on how to successfully register your student.



Muskan Sehar

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