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When I log on to power school to register my daughter for the 2023-2024 school year I get this message. 


We are sorry, but there is a problem with the snapcode. It appears that the snapcode has already been associated with a different family account. In order to access this Registration you MUST sign in as Unji F. (unj*****@yah*****.com) .

Note: a snapcode corresponds to a specific student’s Registration . It can only be linked to a single PowerSchool Enrollment account (Email Address/Password). Once a snapcode has been linked to a specific account, those forms can only be accessed by logging in with that email address.


This is my daughter's father's email account - my daughter does not live with her daughter and I need to be able to access power school so I can register her. 


Thank you - 


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You will need to contact your daughter's school district directly to have this resolved through them.

Hope this helps!

Community Knowledge Manager
Community Knowledge Manager

Hi @laherran311 

Yes, as mentioned by @stemleym  you would need to contact your daughter's school district directly. However, there are a few steps you can take to access the form before contacting your school which is mentioned in the articles linked below. 

Saffiya Tasneem
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