PowerSchool existing account login issues for registration


PowerSchool existing account login issues for registration

I am an existing account user. 

I keep a very accurate log of all my logins and password for all my websites. 

Mine has not changed since last year's registration. 

  • The login is not accepting my credentials. 
  • When I type in my password, the hit the return key, more characters than I type populate in the password field, and it denies me access.
  • I have saved, and unsaved my password in the browser, it does not resolve the issue, the landing page is populating a password - at the very instant I click 'submit' as well. 
  • If I try to recover my username by typing in my email (verified because it is from my email received from powerschool, that I clicked on the link to be redirected to your website - an email that contained the snapcode). I received no email from Power with my username. 
  • If I try to recover the password, it's asking for an additional user name:
    User name:
    (while both are one and the same, and I never had a separate user name. It's always been my email as the user name, and the password) - therefore I can not do a password reset either. 
  • Basically impossible to register my child. 
  • Very frustrating because I work when Powerschool is available for troubleshooting, and I am counting on a working website to be able to register my child. 

Please advise. 



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I am having the same issue. Please if anyone can help please do!
Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for participating in the PowerSchool Community!

I apologize that you are experiencing difficulties accessing your Enrollment account.  I recommend reaching out to the Enrollment Support Team to review your account and assist with your access.  If you are unable to reach out to the Enrollment Support Team using the Live Chat feature during business hours, I recommend using the Enrollment Support portal to create an email case.  An email case can be created by completing the Enrollment Support form and selecting Create A Case.


Why is this platform so difficult for parents to use when we know our login credentials! Please fix because we work and don’t have time to mess around with this! Your platform was meant to make things easier to complete these school tasks online rather than go into the school right?
Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @tajmahal67 


I apologize for the inconvenience cause. The Credentials are provided at the school district level, in order to protect you data privacy. For information, we recommend reaching out to Enrollment Family Support by clicking on this direct link.


For additional information, you can check out the FAQs related to the enrollment here.


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