Online Enrollment issues


Online Enrollment issues

I don’t have any options to start a new form in the dashboard. It only lets me add more children but there is no option for forms. I’ve called the schools my children are supposed to be going to earlier this week and haven’t gotten a reply either.
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Hi @karinasanchezdelgado,


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We understand your concern but we recommend reaching out to the Enrollment Section of your school district as they should be able to help you out with the registration form link and further instruction.


PS: Wishing your children a great school year. Good Luck! 



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I'm having the same issue. There is nowhere to click on a start a new form. That's a software issue, not a school issue. Can you please help? I need to get my daughter's first day forms filled out. I only have access to pervious years forms. There is no menu or anything on the home page that says New forms. 


i had the same issue and for some reason it only works on mobile phones. the website doesn't work on computers i've tried windows, mac, and linux. hope this helps and good luck


I’m having an issue to register the family page and move forward to the next page,I was able to register my two oldest now I’m having trouble to register my two youngest one
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Hi @cfischer0217@0kb0omr 


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You can firstly clear the cache/cookies of the browser or use a different browser to log in to your Parent Portal and check if you can access the form by following the steps mentioned in this

article: Accessing the Form using PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you still fail to access the required form, I recommend contacting your student's school/district directly to obtain the link to the required form.


You can check out the FAQs related to the enrollment process here.


Hi @MamieKoyagialo1989 


The registration forms may fail to proceed or load further if fields marked mandatory are left empty or the details are filled in the wrong format. The use of special characters may also lead to the same error.
I recommend reviewing your form once again to check if the birth date is filled in the correct format and remove any special characters if used. 
If you are still having trouble, I recommend accessing the form in a different web browser (for example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try accessing the form in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). I also suggest clearing the cache, browser history, and cookies of your internet browser and try this again.  You can access the article on the process of clearing the cache and cookies of your internet browser through this direct link.
If you are still unable to proceed, we recommend reaching out to the Enrollment Family support team by clicking on this direct link who should assist you in submitting the Enrollment form to your school district.
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