Kindergarten Registration


Kindergarten Registration

Hi! I registered my son, Jason Schubert, for Kindergarten for 2022-2023. I completed the online portion on 12/28/21 and still have not heard from anyone with the next steps. I wanted to check in to be sure I didn’t miss anything and get his registration completed. Thank you!
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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @SarahHSchubert,


Usually, the school notifies the parents through email or message if their registration was accepted. If you still have not heard from the school or been notified, the most common reason could be that the approval process is still in progress.


Please verify if you have provided all documents (eg: Immunization records etc.) required for the registration to be completed. You can reach out to the school or district for exact answers regarding the registration process and its approval.  You can check out the FAQs related to the enrollment process here.

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