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I have my snap codes to my children but it tells me that registration is closed …I was also told if I didn’t have my snap codes I needed to come up to the district to get them which is really inconvenient .
They should make this accessible online or over the phone someway to verify Parents instead of coming up to the district since we can’t even enroll when we come up there ….wasting time to come up there for a number that we can be verified for over the phone some type of way . When will registration be open . It’s really contradictive for the district to be heavy on this Covid stuff but then tell us to come in for a code .
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Hello @Byrdiemay,


Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!  We are sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty with this issue.  However, registration is managed by your child's school/district. You would need to reach out to your child's school/district to determine when registration will open.  If any other members have any insight on how their children's school is handling this information, we encourage you to share your insight here. Thank you! 



Nina R.
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