My student transferred from Garland Can to Dallas. I am u able to enroll him for the next year. Do I create a new account? I don’t see an option. I keep getting routed to this site . Help please
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Hi @OJthomas03


If you are referring to the PowerSchool Enrollment account, you would not need to create a new one if you already have one and can access the forms from there. However, when you transfer between districts, you would have to create a new PowerSchool Parent Portal account for the new district. 


If you have not created a Parent Portal account, please refer to this article, How do I log into PowerSchool, to find the steps to setup up your account. This is a quick guide: Student and Parent Portal Quick Start Guide to help you access the Parent Portal. The access ID and access ID Password help link students to your Parent Portal account, it is not the same as your Parent Portal credentials. You will have to set those using the Create Account button on the Parent Portal page.


You can refer to this article: Adding Students to the Parent Portal to add a student to your Parent Portal. In case you are using the PowerSchool SIS Mobile App, this article: Using-the-PowerSchool-Mobile-App, should guide them on the process to link the Parent portal. 


This article: Access-the-Form-Parent Portal will provide the steps to access the forms using your Parent account.



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