Complete new student registration


Complete new student registration

It will not allow me to
Open the form it keeps saying an error occurred
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Community Support Expert

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I am sorry about the inconvenience that you are facing while trying to fill the Enrollment form. To help us troubleshoot better, would you please share a screenshot of the error message.


If you are receiving the “Action Has Closed” error message, this means that the form is not currently available. The form may be down for maintenance, or the registration period for your school has not opened yet. In this case, we recommend contacting your school district for further information about why the form is closed.


The article "Closed-Form" should guide you through the necessary steps that should be followed in case you have received the “Action Has Closed” error message.



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I have the same issue. I cannot complete it. 


Here is the error message. I event started a new registration to try again and it still does nto work.


The following error occurred in the ActionFormService.GetActionFormContent: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Common.Services.FormTemplateService.GetDataEntryFormTemplate(PublishedAction publishedAction, Form form, String culture) at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Common.Services.FormTemplateService.RenderDataEntryFormTemplatePage(ActionSession session, Int32 pageNumber, Boolean useRelativeUrl) at Infosnap.Secure.FamilyPortal.Controllers.Services.ActionFormsService.GetActionFormContent(Int32 publishedActionId, String culture, Int32 page)


Hi @jadedavis1013


I am sorry you are facing difficulties submitting the Enrollment form to school. One of our Community members faced a similar issue and the resolution was provided within this thread. I recommend reviewing the resolution provided. 

Elston S.
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