View formula for GPA

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View formula for GPA

How do you see the backend formulas for the "grades and attendance" page in PowerSchool? View page source didn't work.


I am trying to figure out how my school district determines the cumulative GPA. (I've already asked the registrar, the administration, and the IT department. They are puzzled.) I understand there are 4 basic methods. I think they use the "Simple" method but my son's GPA is not the same as when I calculate his simple GPA average on my own. Powerschool is lower. I tried right clicking and selected "view page source" but it doesn't show the formula, just the actual GPA number as displayed on the website.


Here is my research already, so I just need to find the formula that my district uses. Please help!


The Four GPA Calculation methods are :


  • Simple
  • Weighted
  • Simple Percent
  • Weighted Percent

Some GPA calculations are also designated by the School district or the State, depending on location. 


Typical GPA Calculation Methods
Weighted GPA

Weighted Percentage GPA

Simple GPA

Simple Percentage GPA


~(*gpa method="Simple" Grade="9,10,11,12")

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@wipersnaz I work with over 70 districts and GPA calculations are unique to each District and even building. Almost none of them use the Out-of-the-Box PS GPAs.


GPA Calculations in PowerSchool can be found at Setup>District>GPA Calculations>Calculations Methods>Click into Method to see calculation and parameters.


The above path is on the Admin side of PowerSchool and as a parent you will not have access. Someone in-district will need to tell you what the method is and provide the actual calculation. If you get that and post it here, plenty of us on this forum can decipher it for you.

Full Disclosure: I do not work for PowerSchool