Verify grades


Verify grades

We are in the process of End of Term.   Teachers are verifying their grades before we permanently store them for Report Cards.  My question is once a teacher verifies their grades are they able to verify a second time before the grades are stored if they need to make any changes?

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Community Knowledge Manager

Hi @mtitcomb


Currently, it is not possible to verify a second time before the grades are stored if they need to make any changes.

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@mtitcomb We still do a paper grade verification (via Class Rosters report). Our registrar will reprint the current PTP grades to verify that the changes weere made and are accurate.



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Thanks @mtitcomb. Are teachers able to run this report? Is there a comparable report in PTP? We are looking for a report that they can run and sign off on. 


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@sgosselin Teacher can run a variety of reports out of PT Pro to get what you are asking for. A Class Roster Report with a "Verified" column would do it.

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