Schoology 403 Error (Only on one network)

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Schoology 403 Error (Only on one network)

Hello. For the past two days I have been receiving this 403 error when I try to login to Schoology. This applies to all Schoology URLs, such as "", "", "", and even the Schoology API. I have determined that this error only shows up in my network, as Schoology functions properly without any errors in both my school and mobile networks. Keep in mind that Schoology has worked perfectly fine on my home network before. I am looking for assistance because this has blocked me from finishing multiple assignments. Thank you.


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Community Support Expert

Hi @Community Member,


Thank you for posting in our PowerSchool Community!


For optimal performance, while using Schoology, we recommend upgrading to the latest versions of the supported browsers and additional requirements which can be found in this article


The issue might be resolved by clearing the browser cache and cookies. 


If the issue continues to occur, I recommend you reach out to your internet service provider to see if they are aware of any blocking or internet disruption that might be occurring.



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