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RE: French Marks - Report Cards

Good afternoon,


I have been trying to input marks for my classes; however, I have been successful in adding 'A+' grades. The system will not allow me to do so. 


Kindly advise.


As well, I am a Core French teacher who has traditionally inputted four marks per student in the following categories: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing via Trillium. I am currently unable to allocate marks for my students in four categories.


Please respond at your earliest opportunity.


Thank you,



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Important note: grades in "prépa" (CPGE) are meant as a way of classifying students (from best to worst), not as a grade for the test. This is because CPGE prepare students to entrance exams where only the N best students can enter.

So having a "6/20" in Math in CPGE mostly means: "you're in trouble if you want to enter prestigious schools like X or Normale".

(Also, those that get 6/20 in CPGE were the ones getting 16-18/20 before CPGE)