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I work for a State agency and am responsible for training over 1400 persons. Many of them have used Schoology in the past for basic training. I am no providing a distance learning professional development course for these individuals. Many of them have forgotten their schoology log-in and password. I have a few questions that could help me get them registered. 


When I go to the users panel if I mark someone as inactive, will I loose the grades in their previous course?


Can I batch register people for the course or do they have to register themselves and join via code? 


Is there a way I can register people withoug using a course code? 


Do any of you have any suggestions for me on how to batch register people for a course without crating conflict with their past of current log in and password?


Thank you



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Community Support Expert

Hi @Mrudinski


No, you will get a prompt for whether to save grades and attendance, if you wish to restore later the grades will be intact. You can review this document: mark-users-inactive for more information.


We recommend reviewing the below articles on how to batch register people for Courses -  Add Members to Courses and the options.
On this page

You will need to create a new course and then use one of the options we have listed to add the users to courses.


If you still require further assistance we recommend reaching out to the Technical Contact of your district who should be able to connect with the PowerSchool Support on your behalf to assist you closely.

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