Powerschool question

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Powerschool question

Does anyone here use powerschool? I enter my grades into powerschool pro for teachers but I'd like to show them on the powerschool sis for students and parents (connected to the class page). Is there a way to make them transfer without entering in each assignment and grade twice?

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Automatically when grades are posted to PTP they are posted in the SIS and parent portal (for parents and students), I'm not sure what you mean by class pages. If Schoology Learning, no, the sync is only one way.  We basically tell our parents that only PowerSchool Parent Portal and App have the official grades and recommend to teachers not to show any final grade in Schoology.


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If parents/students are using the PS App and not seeing what you enter into PT Pro, check your assignment/Category options; you may have them set to never publish.

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Your PowerSchool administrator may have it set to only show historical grades in quick lookup rather than the gradebook. This is most likely the case if the grades only show for students and parents after grades are stored in your school.