Is there a way to sync accounts


Is there a way to sync accounts

Silly questin perhaps but I am new to both systems.
Our Teachers have a separate account for Powerschool and Schoology.
Is there a way to sync accounts or use one as the Idetity Provider to reduce the acocunts to a single account for both systems?

Does Powerschool and Schoology have the option to SSO with AzureAD?

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Can't speak to the Schoology side, but I know PowerSchool SIS does have options available.


Depends on your version of PowerSchool but their built in help has some base guides on its setup.


When signed into your system, click on the question mark > System Help and you can do a basic search on SSO and it should pull up some hits for you. Otherwise it is under System Management > Security > Will see some things for LDAP and PowerSchool SIS SSO.