Email Student Report Cards


Email Student Report Cards

Is there a way to mass email parents a copy of the student's report cards? If not, is there a recommended way to use a third party to do this? If not, what file types are able to be exported for student report cards, preferably each as a separate file. 

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Hi @stahleya


Thank you for posting in the PowerSchool Community!  Currently, the ability to mass email report cards is not a supported feature in the PowerSchool SIS.  However, this is a great enhancement request that you can provide to the PowerSchool Engineering Team in our Feature Ideas Portalhere


We discovered a similar request.  You can navigate to theIdeas Portal and use the search function on the top right hand corner, search for  SIS-I-10954  and provide a vote for the existing feature idea.


It’s possible to use a third party plugin or customization in order to send the report cards in mass.  However, this option would be best discussed with our Keys to Ownership Team.


You can work with your Designated Support Contact at your district for them to schedule time with the KTO for further assistance.


Nina R.
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Has this ever been addressed?  It would be amazing to mass email parents.

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @BeverlyG,


Our product team has reviewed this enhancement request and is unscheduled for now.  I recommend upvoting this request so that the product team can review this again.

PowerSchool Community Support Expert

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