Editing the Student List Option


Editing the Student List Option



I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to edit the 'student list' option, and then save the changes so that when I want to pull a report I don't have to reedit it each time? Is there also a way to save the changes that I made and have it be district wide? 


For reference, I go into 'Special Functions', then 'Group Functions', then 'Student List', and from there I click which list I would like to pull. 


Thank you! 

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Community Support Expert

Hi @vperez_,


Thank you for posting your question in the Community.


Are you referring to the Stored Selection under Group Selections? You can create a new Stored Selection by following the listed steps


1) Go to the Start Page


2) Select the Students that you want in your Stored Selection and then select Stored Selection at the Start Page Menu



3) Name a new Selection and select the radio button for the option 'Save the current selection with a new name' and Submit



To update the existing Stored Selection


* Perform the step 1 & 2 mentioned above

* Select the Stored Selection to be updated and use the option 'Add records that belong to ANY of the checked selections To the current selection'

* Submit



I recommend reviewing this document for more information on Stored Selection. 




Please let me know if this helps or in case of further questions.


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@vperez_  If you are asking about the "List Students" feature in the Group Functions list, there are no pre-populated Lists to select, so you likely have a customization on that screen. I have attached a screenshot of the List Students page with Customization turned off.

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