COVID-19 Response for Ecollect Forms

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COVID-19 Response for Ecollect Forms

Lead Community Moderator

COVID-19 has created a dramatic increase in the need for electronic form solutions across the entire scope of school district business.  PowerSchool understands this need, and in reaction is offering Fast Track packages for PowerSchool Enrollment, Enrollment Express, and Ecollect Forms (known as Ecollect Lite); the purpose of our new packages is to equip you with the building blocks you need to establish viable “turnkey” form solutions on the shortest possible timeline as you adjust to these unforeseen circumstances.    

To accomplish this, we: 

  • Provision your tools (install the products and complete basic configuration) 
  • Provide you with templates we’ve engineered to meet the most common core needs 
  • Enable your access to our form editing functionality  
  • Equip you with learning materials to enhance your form editing skillset   
  • Set you free to use the solutions as-is, or customize to your liking to meet both immediate and ongoing needs! 

Please see the Ecollect Best Practice Templates PDF attached to preview our suite of COVID-19 specific form solutions. 


Those who have implemented Ecollect Lite may follow the attached Import Templates_Instructions to download and extract the zip file below, pick the template(s) of their choice, and conduct an import to get started!



List of COVID-19 forms available: 

  • Wellness Survey 
    •  How are your families coping with the quarantine/LFH environment
  • Student Vaccination Status
    • Have families submit their student's vaccination status
  • Teacher/Staff Vaccination Status
    • Have teachers/staff submit their vaccination status
  • Completion of Activities 
    • Track attendance/time on academic tasks each day
  • Learning Consent and Expectations 
    • Present your families with new information about their LFH tools and gather any new consent items that this shift has necessitated.
  • Home Readiness 
    •  Do your families have the tools to complete successful LFH
  • Request for Assistance
    •  Ask the School District for help in a variety of areas