BusinessPlus EMS Statement of Work

To assist you with the management of BusinessPlus, the Technical Solutions Group (“TSG”) offers the Enterprise Management Service (“EMS”).  EMS is a comprehensive solution that manages and maintains your self-hosted BusinessPlus environment while allowing you to retain complete ownership, control, access, and integration capability.  The scope of EMS includes the following. 

  1. Environment Monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of server hardware for performance and faulty hardware
  • Real-time monitoring of the BusinessPlus and SQL Server application logs
  • Real-time monitoring of Microsoft Windows® operating system logs and resource utilization
  • Real-time monitoring of virtualization hosts performance and utilization
  • Real-time monitoring of load balancer configurations
  • Monthly reporting of status and trending of performance, hard drive consumption, server uptime, and frequency of incidents and transactions


  1. Software Update Service
  • Choice of automated or on-demand deployment of all BusinessPlus releases including compliance reporting version updates and upgrades. 
  • Choice of automated or on-demand deployment of all BusinessPlus-related Microsoft SQL Server software updates
  • Choice of automated or on-demand deployment of all Microsoft Windows® operating system and server-related third-party software updates
  1. Offsite Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Automated nightly compression, encryption, and transfer of BusinessPlus and SQL Server files to a remote location for 365 days of retention (or longer by negotiation)
  • In the case of a disaster, temporary hosting of the Business Plus application for thirty (30) days on the TSG cloud platform
  • Restoration of BusinessPlus in the TSG temporary hosting environment within 24 hours
  • EMS clients may opt to initiate one (1) test per twelve-month EMS term to evaluate disaster recovery protocol, RTO/RPO, and temporary hosting solution.  
  1. Data and Server Migrations and Restorations
  • Same-day restoration of corrupted environment using most recent backup.
  • Completion of planned server migrations to new physical or virtual hardware
  • Choice of an unlimited number of automated or on-demand refreshes of data to a secondary environment instance


  1. SSL Certificate Administration    
  • Procurement and provisioning of 256-bit military grade SSL certificate
  • Configuration of SSL certificate for each specific client's site
  • Integration into client environment instance of BusinessPlus and ongoing administration throughout three-year term


  1. Security Audits    
  • Review of architecture, configuration, versioning, credentials, and business logic of all security elements
  • Calculation or testing to determine the nature, likelihood, and severity of risks and threats.
  • Determination, publication, and fulfilment of measures to harden, secure, and correct the condition of environment
  • Quarterly audit of system credential age, complexity, refresh rate, and other factors


  1. SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization    
  • Review and evaluation of physical and virtual database server hardware and storage configurations
  • Review and evaluation of SQL Server settings and configuration and other elements of data integrity strategies
  • Review and evaluation of SQL Server Database Tables and Index definitions
  • Modification or optimization of SQL Server Table and Index and other elements of tuning potential
  • Capture and completion of recommended and agreed-to configuration settings.


  1. Infrastructure Support
  • Pro-active response and intervention to performance situations identified by our monitoring protocols.
  • Telephone and email escalations directly to TSG twenty-four hours/day Monday through Thursday, Fridays from Midnight to 9:00 PM Pacific Time, Saturdays from 4:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time, and Sundays from 4:00 AM to 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM to Midnight Pacific Time (excluding joint US and Canadian holidays and unless otherwise specified or negotiated) regarding any concern involving the BusinessPlus infrastructure components such as hardware, virtualization, third party software configurations, and general performance 
  • One (1)-hour Service Level Agreement for responses to all needs


  1. Non-Production ("Sandbox") Coverage
  • Installation and configuration of BusinessPlus and SQL Server on a non-production server (if needed)
  • Enrollment of a single-server non-production instance of BusinessPlus into monitoring, support, and other elements of EMS
  • Unlimited number of data refreshes from the production instance.
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