To assist you with the several aspects of managing PowerSchool, the Technical Solutions Group ("TSG") is pleased to offer a wide range of technical service offerings that customers can choose from before, during, and after their implementation. Experienced TSG Systems Engineers are available to work on-site or off-site with the district technical resources to provide technical expertise relating to the deployment and configuration of  BusinessPlus and its underlying infrastructure.


TSG offers a multitude of services designed to suit most unique needs and circumstances.  These are generally categorized as:

BusinessPlus Technical Services are available and  BusinessPlus various offerings relating to the deployment and technical configuration of, or data migration to, instances of  BusinessPlus. Services are also available for customized training, consultation, and best practices documentation according to your specific  BusinessPlus needs.


Infrastructure Technical Services are available for the design, integration, and support of the latest’s technologies. Our experienced System Engineers are well-versed in the design and deployment of hardware-related infrastructure configurations to support various  BusinessPlus applications.


Hardware and Software Procurement are available through TSG and offers a wide range of hardware and 3rd party software, designed to meet the needs specific to your deployment. PowerSchool has partnered with major hardware and 3rd party software manufacturers to resell hardware and 3rd party software directly to PowerSchool customers at discounted costs.


Client Support Offerings are available to assist you with ongoing administrative maintenance of your  BusinessPlus application and services for your deployed infrastructure, the Technical Solutions Group also offers packages that include infrastructure support, data restoration, and off-site data backups.


Comprehensive Bundled Solutions are also available and provide complete comprehensive packages consisting of hardware, 3rd party software, professional services, and on going services. 

For more information regarding TSG's many offerings, please contact us at


Please click on the links below to access and complete the Request Form:


  1. Cognos Go-Live Request
  2. Cognos 11 Install Request
  3. Cognos 11 Upgrade Request
  4. BusinessPlus EMS Activation Checklist
  5. BusinessPlus USS Activation Checklist


NOTE: TSG is not affiliated with the  Technical Support department and is unable to address any questions relating to the use or troubleshooting of functionality within the application. Customers with questions of this nature should contact the Technical Support department.

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