eSchoolPlus EMS

Enterprise Management Service (“EMS”)


To assist you with the management of eSchoolPlus, the Technical Solutions Group (“TSG”) offers the  Enterprise Management Service (“EMS”).  EMS is a comprehensive solution that manages and maintains your self-hosted eSchoolPlus environment while allowing you to retain complete ownership, control, access, and integration capability.  The scope of EMS includes the following.

  1. Environment Monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of server hardware for performance and faulty hardware
  • Real-time monitoring of the eSchoolPlus and SQL Server application logs
  • Real-time monitoring of Microsoft Windows ® operating system logs and resource utilization
  • Real-time monitoring of virtualization hosts performance and utilization
  • Monthly reporting of status and trending of performance, hard drive consumption, server uptime, and frequency of incidents and transactions.

  1. Software Update Service
  • On-demand installation of all eSchoolPlus version updates and upgrades, state and provincial reporting updates, and SQL Server updates
  • On-demand installation of all SIF agent updates and State Messaging Plugin updates
  • Choice of automated or on-demand installation of all Microsoft Windows ® operating system-related updates and upgrades
  • Choice of automated or on-demand installation of all server-related third party software updates.

  1. Offsite Data Backup  and Disaster Recovery
  • Automated nightly compression, encryption, and transfer of eSchoolPlus and MS SQL database backup files to a remote location for 365 days of retention (or longer by negotiation) 
  • In the case of a disaster, temporary hosting of the eSchoolPlus   application for thirty (30) days on the TSG cloud platform
  • Restoration of eSchoolPlus   in the TSG temporary hosting environment initiated within 24 hours.

  1. Data and Server Migrations and Restorations
  • Same-day restoration of corrupted environment using most recent backup
  • Completion of planned server migrations to new physical or virtual hardware
  • On-demand refreshes of data to a non-production environment with no limit on the number of refreshes.

  1. Infrastructure Support
  • Pro-active intervention and response to performance situations identified by our monitoring protocols
  • Telephone and email escalations  directly to TSG twenty-four hours/day Monday through Thursday, Fridays from Midnight to 9:00 PM, Saturdays from 4:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and Sundays from 4:00 AM to 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM to Midnight Pacific Time (excluding joint US and Canadian holidays and unless otherwise specified or negotiated)
  • One-hour Service Level Agreement for responses to all EMS needs.

  1. SQL Server Database Optimization and Performance Tuning
  • Initial and ongoing review of database configuration, systems component allocation, etc.
  • Evaluation of risk of performance bottlenecks and SQL inefficiencies
  • Prescription of corrective and optimal settings

  1. Security Advisory Services
  • Initial and ongoing evaluation of environmental asset security capability according to CIA triad for system and data
  • Initial and ongoing threat assessment evaluation
  • Reporting of findings and recommendations to establish and/or improve security capabilities.

  1. SSL Certificate Administration 
  • Review of SSL / TLS use and capability
  • Procurement and provisioning of 2048-bit RSA key TLS 1.x certificate
  • Configuration of SSL / TLS certificate for each specific client's site 
  • Integration into client instance of eSchoolPlus and ongoing administration throughout three-year term


Please click on the links below to access and complete the Request Form:


  1. eSchoolPlus EMS Activation Checklist

Please review the full Statement of Work in the attachment below:

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