Accounts Payable COVID-19 best practice

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Accounts Payable COVID-19 best practice

Is there a presentation in office hours that deals with how to reimburse parents for fees without creating new vendor records for hundreds of parents? If so, which month is that covered? or is there a place where I can find this information. Thanks

Jackie Schultz
Project Manager
The Management Council - MCOECN

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Hi! @JackieSchultz,


We are working with the Professional Services team to check if there is a presentation in office hours that deals with reimbursing parents fees.  We thank you for your patience while we update this thread.

Muskan Sehar

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What we did is so we didn't have to set up a whole bunch of vendor codes is set up one vendor code called "Parent Refund" and then set up alternate vendors under the main vendor number for the parents. So far this has worked for us.  I don't know if there is a way to do this without creating all the vendor records so that is why we chose to go with one main vendor number and do alternates based on what others had recommended in one of these forums.