SchoolSpring: Can I Add a Reference Letter?


Reference letters can be added in multiple ways:


  • In the Reference section of the My Information box click on the name of the reference. Then check the “Send Online Request for letter submission or approval” box located under the email address and click Save Changes. If need be, this request can be resent multiple times.
  • You can submit a letter yourself by copying/pasting a word document into the box and clicking Save Changes. A request then can be sent to your reference to verify the letter using the same procedure above.
  • Lastly, a letter can be attached in the Attachments section by selecting the attachment type and title, and uploading the file from your computer. File types allowed are: jpg, jpeg, gif or pdf. Once attached, you need to select the letter from the drop down menu on your reference’s page in order to associate the letter with the reference.

(Note: If you have questions about the requirement of a reference letter please reach out to the district you are applying to. ) 

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