How Do I Add Work Experience?


The Experience section in the My Information section allows candidates to store details about your relevant work/volunteer experience and at least one entry is required for most employers who use SchoolSpring.  This section, combined with the Education section, functions as a resume.


  • Experience Type – select the type of experience. If none of the options apply, select “Other.”
  • Position Type – specify whether the experience was full- or part-time.
  • Date of Employment – the start and end dates that you worked at the organization. For your current employer, leave the end date blank.
  • Employer Name – name of the organization for which you worked.
  • Location – geographic location of your work site. Enter the city and state or the country.
  • Phone – phone number of the organization or your supervisor.
  • Supervisor Name – name of the person to whom you directly reported at the organization.
  • Your Title – your job title at the organization.
  • Description – describe your responsibilities and accomplishments while working for the employer.
  • Reason for Leaving – if this is not your present position, explain why you left the position.
  • OK to Contact? – specify if it is acceptable for potential employers to contact this organization for more information.


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