Not finding my account

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Not finding my account

I am trying to transfer my account from one district to another. I have had this problem for a while now. I hit the apply button to the job I want to apply to, add my email address with password and state, and it says it cant be found. I have changed my email address to a different email address as described in another thread someone posted.


Any ideas? It is extremely frustrating to have to go through all the same application fields just to apply to the next district over after I applied to one. 

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Same problem here, frustrating.

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @tanner18,

I am sorry you feel this way.

Various reasons can cause the account transfer function to not yield desired results, such as districts using different database setups or a change in job listing status. 

Please follow the link to a similar discussion thread linked below that aims to provide further information.

Transferring my account 

Bishal G.
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